What is Digital Foil Printing

Ever wondered what digital foil printing is and how it could be used to elevate your print media? Ideal for creating that special touch on birth announcements, wedding invitations, thank you cards, stationery and more, foil printing is both easier and more affordable than you may realise. For an elegant or outstanding finish, you really can’t go past it.   

Gold Foil Printing Wedding Invitations - front and back of white wedding invitation with random placed gold strokes with Infinite Print BrisbaneIt is a relatively new and innovative method of achieving a foiled effect on paper. Unlike foil stamping which uses heat and custom shape plates to push or emboss the foil into the paper surface, foil printing is done directly from a digital design on a computer.   

The same luxe finish is achieved on the surface, with the only visible difference the lack of embossing. The main benefit over stamping is that your job can be completed much more quickly. As there is no need for a specialty stamp to be created (which can take weeks) your print order can be designed and completed in a matter of days.   

 As an additional bonus, your design can be changed and tweaked in a matter of minutes and automated via the speciality software. With stamps, you are locked into a set design. This means you can utilise the foil effect more easily, across a wider surface area rather than for a single block of text. It makes custom foil printing quick and easy. You can even tailor and modify your design to suit every addressee as you go.    

Foil stamping is considered more artisanal and time-consuming with a high level of skill involved whereas digital foil printing offers comparable results without the need for artisanal skill, making it much more affordable, particularly on larger orders.   

How Does Digital Foil Printing Work?   

Metallic Foil Printing Brisbane - Fanned out sheets of Foil colours for printing with Infinite Print Brisbane

Once the digital design has been approved and uploaded, your print medium is loaded into a specialty foil printer. This printer is loaded with foil rolls which are rapidly heated and pressed onto the paper. As the foil comes into contact with pre-printed ink text, the metallic foil detaches and completely adheres. There is no cutting, pressing or cleaning required to achieve a beautiful, crisp metallic finish.   

The foil rolls used in the printing process come in a huge array of colours making it easy to personalise your design. You can choose from rose gold, gold, silver, copper, black, white, holographic and just about every colour of the rainbow.

There are around 50 different metallic foils currently available in the market, so should you need a specific colour we will do our best to source it for you. We’ve yet to come across a colour we couldn’t find!  

Is Digital Foil Printing Expensive?   

 This digital method of foil printing is considerably more cost-effective than foil stamping due to the ease with which the print is achieved. There are no special parts required such as the custom stamp for embossing and the labour is significantly less.   

Applications for Digital Foil Printing 

As digital foil printing is much more affordable and accessible than traditional foil embossing or stamping, it is increasingly used on a range of products including:  

Business cards Wedding Invitations Thank You Cards
Business Stationery Personalised Stationery Birth Announcements
Custom Packaginghttps://infiniteprint.com.au/custom-packaging-brisbane/ Flyers Brochures
Menus Event Tickets And So Much More

Digital Gold Foil Printing Brisbane - two black VIP cards one with gold foil and one with platinum foil - call Infinite Print Brisbane - two black VIP cards, one with gold foil and one with platinum foil - call Infinite Print today

If you have an out-of-the-ordinary request that you’re unsure can be achieved, contact our team. We love a challenge and will do our best to bring your dream to life. 

Why Choose Us?  

Digital Foil Printing Brisbane - Printer holding foil roll and clipboard at Infinite Print BrisbaneAt Infinite Print, we take a different approach to printing. As a print management company, we outsource to trusted suppliers in both Australia and overseas. This allows us to continually access innovative and state of the art print technology, so you always receive work of the highest quality and standards. For digital foil printing, this means we can easily source the desired colours and most current technology for optimal results.   

 We thrive on working collaboratively with our clients, from concept through to design and delivery. We will remain involved and accessible and handle all the details to eliminate the hassle and stress while keeping you up to date on the progress of your order. We quality check every order and deliver on time, every time. It’s specialty printing, made simple.   

Place your event in the limelight with professionally foil printed flyers and invitations. Contact the experts at Infinite Print today on 0413 328 803.