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Do you need quality book printing in Brisbane? Unsure which
book printing and binding method is suitable for you? Let the
book printing Brisbane experts at Infinite Print match you with
the right solution and prepare yourself to experience high-quality,
stress-free book printing for your Brisbane-based project.

Far from offering stock standard book printing options, we
pride ourselves on using only the most up to date technology.
Combining state of the art printing with quality materials
means we can deliver outstanding results. Whether you need a
single book printing run or multiple runs in staged rollouts, we
can help.

Quality Book Printing In Brisbane

At Infinite Print, we understand the need for your book printing to be done well
and to your schedule. This is why we have a print manager to oversee the entire

If you’re in Brisbane, consider using our book printing services to create:

• Corporate Portfolios
• Product Look books
• Self-Published books
• Training Manuals
• Company and School Yearbooks
• Annual Reports and more.

• NCR (No carbon required) Docket Books
• Casebound
• Wirebound & Coil bound
• Perfect Bound
• Pur Bound

We help you put your best foot forward and present your ideas in a way that can help you wow your university professor, colleagues, customers and clients.

Products We Offer


Ideal for marketing purposes, informational tools and letterbox drops, catalogues are a great way to showcase your stock. Favoured by businesses as a way to list products they produce or manufacture, they can also be used by real estate agencies, retail stores, restaurants and many other businesses.

Catalogues are most often printed on the lightweight stock in full colour and bound using the saddle stitch method.


Wanting to self-publish a magazine or create a tailored branding tool for your business? Magazine printing with Infinite Print is a great way to diversify your marketing strategy, update clients or investors, or get a new publication off the ground.

Magazine printing is done using state of the art digital printing technology on gloss paper stock. They are bound using the Perfect (PUR) method.


Perfect bound books are made using glued inner pages wrapped in a seamless softcover. PUR offers square binding with a flexible cover that looks similar to a novel. This method allows for printing along the spine and can contain a large number of pages.

Perfect bound books can be printed in a range of paper stocks and in colour or black and white. They can include images or just text.


Also known as saddle bound books, this is one of the most popular book printing methods. Saddle stitch books feature folded sheets of paper nested within one another with a cardboard outer.

The nest of paper is then ‘stitched’ together using staples through the fold. This fold then becomes the spine of the book. Saddle-stitching requires the book’s page count to be in multiples of four with the maximum number of pages dependent upon the thickness of the paper used. This is one of the most cost-effective book printing methods.


Wire bound books are usually favoured for journals, notebooks, technical manuals and work and university presentations, among others This book
printing method allows for the books to be opened completely flat, making them ideal for note-taking and easy reading.

Print media is stacked neatly and rectangular holes punched down the length of the spine. A twin loop wire binder is inserted and pressed closed to secure
the pages.

Wire bound books are versatile and can be made using a variety of paper stocks, can be custom sized and finished with a cello glazed, leather grain, thickened board or printed cover.


In this method the printed content is neatly stacked and the spine punched through with circular holes from top to bottom. A plastic coil is then threaded through the holes to create a book.

Similar to wire bound books, the covers can be customised. Choose from clear or frosted PVC and printed full-colour soft or hard covers.

Book Printing In Brisbane Made Easy

With all our book printing we offer a choice of custom sizes and a choice of paper & cover stocks /styles.
Should you prefer lamination, die-cut or foil finishes, we can offer these too.
Infinite Print makes book printing in Brisbane easy and guarantees outstanding results.
Looking for other printing services? Check out our brochure, business card and flyer printing options.
Contact us on 0413 328 803 to find out how we can take your book printing to the next level.