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Custom Packaging Brisbane

Is your business seeking options for custom packaging in Brisbane? The satisfaction of sending out orders to customers sure makes all the hard work worthwhile. Knowing your products are selling is what every business owner hopes for. But what about the packaging? For a customer, receiving their order in the mail is an exciting time. But what most of us remember are the contents, not necessarily the packaging it came in.

To really make an impression on your customers and take your business to the next level, you should consider adding custom packaging to your marketing plan. In doing so you can make your customers’ experience of your product one to truly remember.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is any packaging that has been tailored to reflect the needs and image of a particular company. Packaging can be customised by printing company logos, mottos, images, patterns or anything else onto packing and labelling materials.

Packaging that can be customised includes:

  • Product boxes
  • Shipping boxes
  • Branded thank you cards/discount cards
  • Gift bags
  • Mailers – both boxes and bags
  • Additional inserts and marketing material
  • Labels
  • Packaging sleeves
  • Hang tags
  • Wrapping paper and more
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Benefits of Custom Packaging

So other than looking great, why should you invest in custom packaging for your Brisbane business?

Increased Brand Visibility and Recognition

From the moment an order leaves the warehouse, it has opportunities to garner attention. Uniquely customised packaging can help to familiarise people with your brand and potentially bring more business. Think about Nike. Even if you have never bought one of their products, you know the company and are aware of its success – all because of their branding. Your packaging can help you achieve wider recognition in the same way, simply by making your logo more visible.

Marketing Research

Marketing research has shown 4 in every 10 consumers are more likely to share pictures of their order on social media if the product comes in unique, customised packaging.

Free marketing on social media? Yes please! Just one of the many benefits of choosing our custom packaging service in Brisbane for your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

If you have ever watched someone unboxing an item on YouTube, you’ll understand how professional, customised packaging adds to the overall experience. Customised packaging allows you to influence your customers’ experience from their first glimpse of your product, even before they have properly opened it.

Adds A Professional Touch

Custom packaging also helps to add a professional touch, legitimise your business and build trust with your customers. If a product comes professionally packed, the consumer has more confidence in their purchase and is more likely to recommend your business to others.

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The Design Process

When you opt to create custom packaging in Brisbane with Infinite Print, you’re guaranteed outstanding customer service and quality products. We assign a project manager for larger, business orders to ensure a smooth, seamless experience from start to finish. This direct line of contact ensures you can always reach us when needed.

When it comes to custom packaging in Brisbane, we prefer a collaborative approach to design. Our specialists can walk you through your options, helping you incorporate your existing logo or support the creation of one as needed. We will also review your packaging options, help you stay on budget and ensure you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Our attention to detail throughout the process allows us to meet the tightest of delivery deadlines without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Infinite Print for your Custom Packaging

At Infinite Print, our staff have years of experience in creating custom packaging for Brisbane businesses. We understand the need for high-quality products and stress-free service, which is why we handle the details so you can get back to focusing on more important things.

As a print management company, we are not confined to a set printing process. We favour outsourcing to trusted suppliers which allows us to always have access to the latest innovations in print technology. No blurred or poorly executed printing – just crisp, professional and outstanding customised packaging.

Our approach to outsourced printing also increases our ability to remain competitively priced and enables us to offer a wide range of custom packaging options in Brisbane.

For custom packaging in Brisbane that will take your products to the next level, contact Infinite Print today on 0413 328 803.