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Plastic Card Printing Brisbane

If you require plastic card printing in Brisbane, you can’t go past Infinite Print. Plastic cards have become commonplace and highly effective vehicles of marketing, branding and identification to name just a few. Plastic cards offer a durable and secure way in which businesses can connect clients with their business and transmit information.

You can leave a lasting impression with plastic card printing in Brisbane from Infinite Print. 

Why Choose Plastic Cards?

There are many benefits to printing on plastic cards. Plastic cards are long-lasting and durable compared to a paper or cardboard alternative. They can be configured as custom shapes, offer a wide variety of colours and can be created with technological elements as required. 

The versatility of plastic cards allows you to include signature panels, QR codes, PIN reveal panels, bar codes and swipe access among a host of other features. The ability to customise the design with your branding and logo through high-resolution printing only adds to their appeal and relevance. 

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Uses for Plastic Cards

There are so many uses and applications for plastic card printing in Brisbane. You can apply them to your business for: 

Membership cards

Add value for your customers through a loyalty points scheme. Offer them the opportunity to earn exclusive offers and rewards when they shop with you regularly. It is common for a customer who feels valued on a personal level to spread the good word which in turn adds trust and credibility to your brand and reputation.

Gift Cards

Capture a wider market through gift cards that allow the recipient to shop on their terms. Gift cards are shown to improve customer loyalty as well as boosting sales. This makes them one of the plastic card printing options you should definitely consider investing in.   

Business Cards

Impress potential clients with a customised and durable plastic business card. Plastic business cards are highly customisable and can include QR codes, frosted panels and unique shapes. Unlike cardboard or thick stock, their enduring life-span has been proven over time. 

Key Cards

Plastic key cards can be encoded with a unique code to provide access to a specific room or location within premises. Keyless entry is secure and eliminates the expense of lost keys and changing locks.  

Die-cut cards

Add a twist to your plastic card printing in Brisbane by choosing die-cut cards. Die-cut allows you to add unusual shapes, lattice or cut-out elements to your design without compromising the strength of the card itself.   

Door Hangers

Add longevity to your door hangers by having them printed in plastic. Customise your ‘do not disturb’ and ‘make-up room’ signs to include your logo for added branding impact. Being plastic also allows them to be easily sanitised – an absolute must in a hotel setting.  

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Plastic card printing in Brisbane enhances your business’ visibility and helps you diversify your marketing.

Why Choose Infinite Print for your Plastic Card Printing?

At Infinite Print, we outsource to trusted suppliers all over Australia and overseas. Doing this allows us to offer a wide range of quality materials, printed with the very latest in print technology. Our approach makes it easy to find what your business needs and allows you to customise further for the ideal outcome. 

We offer affordable, high-quality plastic card printing in Brisbane along with several other essential (and exceptional) printing services.  To learn more about our print services, contact Infinite Print today on 0413 328 803.