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Creative Invitation Printing Brisbane

Do you have an event coming up and want to find a supplier of creative invitation printing in Brisbane? At Infinite Print, we specialise in creating impressive and unique invitations for any event.

With years of experience in printing, you can count on us to deliver invitations that are truly eye-catching and original. We love working collaboratively with our clients to achieve their perfect design and enjoy the challenge of making the creative requests of our customers come to life!

Make A Statement with a Great Invitation

An invitation is always a welcome surprise in the mail. They can really set the tone for your event and add a little excitement and anticipation to your nearest and dearests’ day.

As a premier print management company supplying creative invitation printing in Brisbane, we offer:

  • A dedicated contact to ensure a smooth process from start to finish
  • A variety of charming, pre-designed templates or a trusted recommendations for skilled graphic designers as needed
  • Multiple paper size options.
  • A variety of paper stock choices, allowing you to select the perfect weight and finish
  • Vivid, high-quality, full-colour printing
  • Digital printing
  • Options for laser cutting, foil finishes and embossing
  • A selection of envelopes and RSVP cards

When available, we will gladly supply a sample of our product so you can see and feel the finishes and paper types for yourself. We’ve found that this helps our customers with their decisions and enables them to secure high-quality, creative invitation printing in Brisbane.

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From weddings to baby showers, christenings, charity events, Christmas parties, birthdays and more - beautifully printed invitations show your guests how much you care!

Types of Invitation Cards

As well as deciding on design, finishes, paper types etc, you will also need to select your preferred type of invitation card. Far from being confined to just a single sheet of paper or card, there are numerous creative invitation styles available that can further enhance your design.


Styled like a classic greeting card, these invitations give you plenty of room to add design flair on the cover, with details contained within. These invites are well suited for weddings, memorials and milestone birthdays and require a separate envelope.


A pocket invitation is quite possibly the peak of creative invitation printing in Brisbane. Designed to mimic a small pocketbook with layers of paper inside a thicker card exterior they often also include an RSVP card inside. They can be sealed with ribbons or wax seals to create an elegant look and are best suited for seriously formal events such as weddings, wedding anniversaries and award ceremonies.


Flat invitations are a classic option that allows your guests to see the details of an event at a glance. They are ideal for placing on a fridge or bulletin board and are a more casual option suited for children’s birthdays, grand openings or work functions. These invitations require a separate envelope.


Similar to folded invitations but with the opening being in the front centre of the card with the side flaps folded in. These can be customised to be truly eye-catching with options like laser-cut filigree detailing on the openings. These invites are best suited for baby showers, weddings and milestone birthdays.


Want an all-in-one invite that is its own envelope and mimics the opening of a gift when received? A send and seal invite is the one for you. Due to its more formal style, this type of invite is ideal for those that require a firm RSVP for even

Why Choose Infinite Print for your Creative Invitation Printing?

Truly creative invitation printing in Brisbane relies on great design, materials of exceptional quality and innovative print technology. This is why, as a print management company, we outsource our printing to a variety of trusted suppliers, allowing us to access the latest technology at the most competitive prices.

At Infinite Print, our commitment to quality means that we supervise your invitation printing from start to finish. We proactively handle any challenges that may arise to ensure we always meet the delivery deadline without compromising the quality of the order. We guarantee customer satisfaction and want your experience with us to create a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

For truly outstanding and creative invitation printing in Brisbane, call Infinite Print today on 0413 328 803.

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