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Brochures and your Brisbane business

Do you use brochures as part of your business marketing plan?
Brochures show that your business is professional, genuine,
reliable, and committed to quality. Haven’t yet used brochures
and are unsure of how they can benefit your business? The
skilled print managers at Infinite Print can guide you through
the process and ensure an optimal result through utilising
brochures for your Brisbane-based business.

If you are short on time and need a hands-off approach, we
offer a managed print process from start to finish, allowing you
more time to focus on your business. Our print managers will
update you only as needed and handle every step of your order
with care.

Let Your Ideas Unfold With Brochures

Do you have important facts or details about your business that you want to tell
your customers? Do you envisage a dynamic, colourful way of doing this that
encourages your clients to read the information? Brochures are the answer!

Infinite Print can take your ideas and bring them to life. If needed, we can connect
you with talented designers that will collaborate with you for the perfect result.
Create a visual tool that displays your passion for your business and relates why
customers should work with you.

What Do Brochures Look Like?

Brochures are not to be confused with flyers. Brochures can be single sheets or
in book form printed on economical to high quality, gloss paper stock that are
printed (usually in colour) on both sides. They are then folded in a variety of
ways. The most common folds are tri-fold where the paper is folded into three
or bi-fold which is a simple fold down the centre.

At Infinite Print, we can customise the colours used in print, the type of paper
stock used, the size, font, layout and more. Should you need something apart
from the usual, we are happy to collaborate with you to find a solution.

Five Benefits Of Brochures

It would be easy to assume that with all the advances in technology and the
advent of digital marketing that brochure printing in Brisbane (and Australia
wide) would be waning. However, carefully crafted brochures with a high-quality
finish still have their place as a promotional marketing tool.

There are so many reasons to consider using brochures, our top five are:

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    They are easy to distribute: whether by mailbox drops, displayed in an office or handed out to clients on the job, brochures make relaying information easy.
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    They can provide a lot of information, displayed in an appealing format: pages of information about your business may be hard to digest. A bright brochure that draws the eye in and through the information, makes it more effective.
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    They are a cost-effective marketing tool: brochures can be significantly cheaper than an online campaign. They can also be tailored to your specifications and budget.
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    They help establish your businesses authority: brochures help your clients see that you are a serious company. While it is true that business cards and formal letterheads can also offer credibility, brochures show clients your willingness to invest in their attention.
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    They personalise your business: through the use of brochures, your clients and potential clients learn more about what you do. You are no longer just a number and a name, you are a real business people can trust. Printed brochures add a personal touch.

Brisbane Brochures - A Marketing Powerhouse

So, now that you understand how and why brochures should be part of your marketing strategy, it’s important to find a quality printer. All of the benefits
of using brochures can be undone if you do not engage in quality printing. Infinite Print offers premium brochures in Brisbane with eye-catching, crystal
clear print quality.

To further boost your reach and exposure, we can bundle our brochures in your Brisbane print marketing campaign with a range of other services such as:

Simply lets us know your requirements when requesting a quotation.

Want Brochures In Brisbane?

Brochures have been a popular marketing tool for decades, but that doesn’t
mean they have to look outdated. By choosing Infinite Print for your brochures,
you are guaranteed access to the latest in print technology. We use only trusted
suppliers with state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results. It’s
brochures in Brisbane made easy.

We are committed to our clients and exceptional quality. No matter the size of
the job, from small business owners to large corporate entities, the same care
and attention to detail is taken.

Contact us today for all your brochure printing needs on 0413 328 803.