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Large Format Printing Brisbane Business Owners Choose

For large format printing Brisbane business owners choose Infinite Print : highest quality, affordable and easily organised. Large format printing, or wide printing as it is also known, is used for printing for anything that is considered oversize. Considered to be a specialty product, you can be assured our experienced team can handle all types of jobs. Our large format printing service in Brisbane is ideal for posters, lectern signs, exhibition signs, events signage and more.

We offer rapid, high-quality large format printing at affordable prices. Trust us to deliver your order on time, every time, exactly as you ordered it.

What Is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing does not just refer to the size of the items being printed, but also the type of machinery used in its creation.

Large format printers create digital prints using printers similar to a standard ink-jet printer, only on a much larger scale.

Large format printing in Brisbane is a relatively new advancement in printing technology. Prior to this, larger prints were created using multiple smaller prints that were melded together. This approach was significantly more labour intensive and did not provide the same quality of results. Still today though, for seriously large-scale prints such as billboards, multiple large prints remain the best option.

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Top Five Large Format Printing Products in Brisbane

Are you finding yourself unsure as to what constitutes large format printing or when it is recommended? We are able to offer large format printing in Brisbane for a range of products such as:

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    Corflute Printing

    Also known as corrugated plastic signs, printed corflute signs are perfect for inexpensive signage that need to last well either indoors or outdoors. Preferred by real estate agents and the construction industry, printed corflute is lightweight, durable and waterproof.

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    Foam Board Printing

    Printed Foam Boards are similar to corflute signs; however, they are best suited to indoor use as they are not waterproof. Foam board printing is ideal for impressive event signage or the printing of photos.

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    Lectern Signs

    Make an impression at your next presentation or speaking event with a custom podium sign. Custom podium signs or lectern signs are ideal for personalising your presentation with a company logo or decorating school, church or university lecterns with crests or campus names.

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    Banner Printing

    Banners for events, sporting matches and school fetes are all printed using large format printing methods. Advertise in advance of your event with a customised vinyl banner printed in crystal clear, high definition.

Watchpoints for Large Format Printing in Brisbane

When pursuing large format printing, it is important to ensure that your chosen image has the required resolution. Surprisingly, not all large printing requires high resolution. If the image is to be viewed from a distance, a lesser resolution can in fact be more effective. Around 100 dots per square inch is usually all that will be required.

For large format printing that will be viewed up close and personal, around 300 dots per square inch is preferred to provide the right level of detail. As a general and simple rule, just remember – smaller dots for close up print. Larger dots for further away print.

If you’re unsure about the ideal dots per square inch (dpi) you need, our expert team of print managers can guide you in the right direction to achieve an exceptional result.

Why Choose Infinite Print for Large Format Printing Brisbane Business Owners Choose?

At Infinite Print, we excel in all areas of printing and large format printing in Brisbane is no exception to this. We outsource our printing to trusted suppliers both in Australia and overseas to provide access to the best in print technology. This also allows us to keep our pricing competitive without compromising on quality.

We are committed to delivering exceptional prints no matter the medium and offering outstanding customer service. We take care of the details and deliver on time as agreed, leaving you free to focus on other more important areas of your business.

To learn more and get your large format printing underway, contact Infinite Print today on 0413 328 803.