How Does Laser Cutting Work?

Laser cutting is a process you may not  immediately associate with printing technology. However, applying this dynamic art as part of your printing can allow you to create incredibly unique and eye-catching designs.

Custom Laser Printing BrisbaneIf you have ever marvelled over intricate lacework on an invitation, or detailed text cut-outs, chances are they were created through the use and manipulation of lasers.

A laser cutting machine uses a process known as thermal separation to melt or evaporate the surface it is applied to, leaving no mess behind.

Despite it being known as cutting, it can be more accurately described as burning the surface of the material to produce the design. As the laser is so hot and able to rapidly penetrate the surface beneath without touching the material, it leaves no visible burn marks – just a crisp, clean edge.

The design is entered into the machine where the laser maps out the prepared design instantly and with absolute precision along a specific line sequence. As there is no contact with any blade or slicing mechanisms, the machine retains its accuracy and provides consistent results. No rough edges or tearing from dulled blades.

Laser cutting machines can be used in a diverse number of settings from industrial to domestic and will often double as etching and engraving machines.

Why  Opt  for  Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting gives you outstanding versatility in design with the freedom to create complex shapes and patterns.

It also eliminates the need for free-hand cutting or marking, eliminating human error while expediting the print process. This also makes it possible to deliver large quantities of detailed print media easily.

Laser cutting gives crisp, sharp edges and delivers incredible accuracy in its results. By allowing a mix of print mediums, you can stretch your creativity and produce designs that help you stand out from the crowd.

What Materials Does  Laser Cutting  Work On?

Farewell to basic paper and cardboard printing. Depending on the machine used, laser cutting can create designs on:

Paper (Max. 600g) Laser Cut Cardboard Leather
Fine/Art Paper Corrugated Cardboard Cork
Uncoated Paper Perspex/Acrylic products Fabric
Paperboard Foam Wood

Laser cut paper business cards Brisbane

Applications  for  Laser Cutting

Are you looking to incorporate laser cutting technology into your printing but are a little unsure when it is suitable for use?

Custom laser cut wedding invitations Brisbane


Laser cutting is most commonly applied to the creation of bespoke wedding or birthday invitations, promotional marketing and awards.

However, you may also like to use laser cutting to create unique business cards, greeting cards, pens, keychains, customised packaging, Perspex/acrylic awards and more.

At Infinite Print, we welcome enquiries no matter how far out of left field! If you are unsure if your laser cutting idea can be brought to life, just ask our friendly team.


What Does  Laser Cutting  Cost?

The cost of laser cutting is usually determined by the expense of the material to be cut or engraved (such as paper, pens or Perspex/acrylic products etc.), the time involved in setting up the laser cutting machine itself and how intricate the design is.

The design process will also need to be factored in as this is created in a specific program (usually Adobe Illustrator). For simple designs, the process of cutting each piece will be a rapid one. More complex works incorporating very involved lacework will see the machine running for longer periods. This time is known as the ‘job production time’ and the longer the job production time is, the higher the costs.

Why Choose Us?

At Infinite Print, we operate as a print management company. This allows us to outsource to trusted suppliers both in Australia and overseas and make use of the latest state-of-the-art techniques.

Custom laser cut invitations Brisbane

This is particularly beneficial where laser cutting technology is concerned. No matter the complexity of your request, we have the ability to locate and utilise the machinery to create it.

We are able to work with your existing design or support you to create an entirely new one with qualified graphic designers. This is all part of the specialty printing services we offer.

Our experienced and friendly team project manage and quality check all jobs ordered through us and ensure they are delivered on time, every time. We handle the details and give you the ability to focus on other more pressing matters, while still remaining accessible by phone at all times.

For high-quality laser cutting and exceptional service, contact Infinite Print today on 0413328803.